Welcome to the unofficial PPSS website

Here you can download and view a lot of information that was talked about in the PPSS course at Wigton Hospital

Hi, I'm Martin, and it was my daft idea to try and put all the resources in 1 place. I'm sure that I've lost bits on the way, my email address is at the bottom of this page for abuse, comment and idea of things that should be added, oh and more abuse!!!

There is information about the following subjects, some audio, some video and also some reading material:

Now as everybody will have a different computer/tablet/phone setup, trying to find something that will work on all of them, is a little tricky. I use a program called VLC that is able to play all of the files you will find here. The other option is to convert the files to another format that you perfer, I will then be able to upload them to this web site. All you need to do, is let me know what format you would like.

As it looks like the resourses sheet never made it back again, here is what I added. Can anyone else remember what they put on the sheet?? A company that I found very unreliable, and did a very poor quality job for cleaning were North Lakes Cleaning Services, from Wigton.

If you need more help, want to get in touch, or if you have found something that you think should be added, then please send me an email ppss@windcheetah.org.uk

Take care and good luck